Our Story

EURO ASIA TEA PRIVATE LIMITED, is a subsidiary of AgStar PLC, and an ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified Premium Tea Producing and Exporting Company, that has won awards nationally, as well as internationally.

Today we are one of the leading Premium Tea Exporting Companies in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Our mission is to discover and share through our exports, the hidden mysteries thus far undiscovered, of this magical beverage known the world over as Pure Ceylon Tea.

Our Brands

Our Partnership

Euro Asia’s purpose is to discover and share the hidden mysteries of this magical beverage; the Pure Ceylon Tea through our exports. Our diverse portfolio of different products are well known and loved by many crème de la crème of tea connoisseurs around the world.

Favor revives the magic in Pure Ceylon Tea. It takes one through a ride to the fantastic, once savoured by the fortunate few. One drop of this magic brew will take one back in time to an age when the good life was the highest of pursuits.

The pure infinite potential of Pure Ceylon Teas can be found under the range we call Favor. Tea is indeed nature’s favour to her other bounty as we have shown how through our Favor collection of flavoured Teas. Pure Ceylon Tea partners very well with tropical fruits, spices, herbs or flowers or even a combination of all these, to carry you on a gastronomical trip of sheer magic. Each of our products in this wide range of flavoured Teas is designed to tease and thrill the senses of sight, smell and taste uniquely. As a result, each sip of this beverage you savour will certainly be an experience to treasure and behold.

Our range of Teas under the Favor array has expertly curated tea boxes make it easy to explore and enjoy our top picks for every season.

Our Brand of F & S Teas are designed as to carry one through to the ultimate realm in a sophisticated culture of pleasure. It takes one back to a time when art, music and the fine art of living were exalted. The superior collection of Teas that come under the F & S range is a nearly limitless array of traditional unflavored Teas as well as its flavoured counterparts.

The F & S range brings you an authentic array of pure Black Tea. Therefore our quest to uncover the natural charm of Tea in its original form has become our hallmark. Our pledge to our customers is that the finesse in the blends of our Teas will never waver and will continue to tantalise one’s senses at any given moment of time.

A sip of tea unwinds the human mind like no other beverage does. The tea industry in Sri Lanka offers a wide range of products such as the original orthodox version, green tea and CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl). In this tea landscape, Euro Asia's “Sabro Tea” brand provides a unique taste and the much-needed refreshment to the minds of people. Sabro Tea renders a great taste, comforting the taste buds of millions around the world and is considered to be one of the best tea brands in Korea. This is truly the connoisseurs’ choice of the best tea which is at the high end of Euro Asia Teas.

Sabro is a great and unique tasting blend with gold and silver tip varieties. It’s best for those looking for something special in their tea. Light in colour, a luxuriant flavour and a discrete aroma, with barely any fibres and dust, Sabro Tea comes in black, green and flavour tea selections. Sabro brand is a tea with a brisk taste, rich colour and stimulating aroma and offers a variety of tea and tea bags with varying flavours, aroma and concentration.

Maxims Holdings, a diversified Board of Investment (BOI) approved company is a futuristic modern warehousing complex located at Ambathale road, Mulleriyawa. Maxims Holdings warehouse facility is built on a 4.5 acre land Along with modern office space this is the phase one of two stage mega projects that has a total storage capacity of 65,000 square feet. The state of the art warehouse has a host of new and high tech storage racking systems with computerised location allocations, loading/unloading bays with dock levelers which can handle four 40 feet containers at same time and ample parking facilities.

We are a registered Tea Exporter with the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Member of the Colombo Tea Traders Association (CTTA), Member of Tea Exporters Association of Sri Lanka (TEA), Member of National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka and a Member of the Specialty Tea Institute of the USA

At Euro Asia Teas we are confident that our products please the diverse tastes of the global Tea connoisseur. Our secret lies in combining tradition with modern thinking. Therefore our primary focus is on bringing you a cup of much more than only Tea. Our Teas are designed not only to tantalize but also to revitalize your mind, body and soul as well.