Online Shopping of F & S and FAVOR Tea Products in China

Our exclusive distributer of F & S and FAVOR products in China has recently launched an online flagship shop in the top1 online stores targeting at local retail buyers who are interested to purchase their teas through online. Please visit for more details on online purchasing of our products in China.

Airport Tea Boutique

Another Ceylon Tea Sales Outlets of Euro Asia Corporation was recently launched at departure lounge of Bandaranayke International Airport, Katunayake Sri Lanka.

Here we offer wide varieties of premier quality Ceylon Teas to international travelers in decorative metal caddies and other kind of professionally crafted packages with unique artistic designs under our own F&S , Favor and TET A TEA brand names.

Tea House

Euro Asia Corporation takes pride in announcing the opening of its brand new Tea outlet, Tea House located at, 255A, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03.

Our award winning range of Teas which fall under the brand names F&S, FAVOR and TET A TEA, are available at the Tea House which include a Tea Bar and Tea Tasting facilities, to carry the connoisseur through a journey of an array of tastes, flavors and aroma, hitherto unimagined.

Our wide and unique range of regular and flavored Pure Ceylon Teas, are designed to equally stir the senses of sight, smell and taste, thus providing an experience to cherish and behold up to the very last drop. The combination of rich colour of our Pure Ceylon Tea, its strong clean aroma and its explosion of flavour on the taste buds is truly an experience like no other!

Our products come under the category of haute cuisine, therefore designed for those who know and appreciate that good things are never cheap. Our products are made of the finest of the very best of Pure Ceylon Teas for the crème de la crème of Tea connoisseurs.

Our premium quality Pure Ceylon Teas are also available at the following outlet;

Sri Lanka Tea Board Sales Centre
574 Galle Road
Colombo 03