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Euro Asia’s purpose is to discover and share the hidden mysteries of this magical beverage; the Pure Ceylon Tea through our exports. Our diverse portfolio of different products are well known and loved by many crème de la crème of tea connoisseurs around the world.



Tet A Tea collections are rich in taste, bursting with flavours and contains soothing aromas. The Black Tea & Green Tea varieties under the Ceylon Classic and Royal Ceylon are a natural source of antioxidants specially selected and blended by experts just for you.

These teas are selected from finer tea gardens and blended to the demanding specifications of Euro Asia expert tea masters. With all natural flavours, no additives and using only fresh ground spices the “Tet A Tea” teas are guaranteed to maintain their natural freshness and each cup capture the delightful taste of rich, refreshing Ceylon tea.

Tet A Tea is exported to China and Euro Asia has seen an increase in demand from Chinese consumers.

Cinnamon and Apple
Green Plantation
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