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Euro Asia’s purpose is to discover and share the hidden mysteries of this magical beverage; the Pure Ceylon Tea through our exports. Our diverse portfolio of different products are well known and loved by many crème de la crème of tea connoisseurs around the world.

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F & S Products

Our Brand of F & S Teas are designed as to carry one through to the ultimate realm in a sophisticated culture of pleasure. It takes one back to a time when art, music and the fine art of living were exalted. The superior collection of Teas that come under the F & S range is a nearly limitless array of traditional unflavored Teas as well as its flavoured counterparts.

The F & S range brings you an authentic array of pure Black Tea. Therefore our quest to uncover the natural charm of Tea in its original form has become our hallmark. Our pledge to our customers is that the finesse in the blends of our Teas will never waver and will continue to tantalise one’s senses at any given moment of time.

Strawberry Flavoured Black Tea
strawberry black Tea
Carte De La Ceylon
Lemon Flavoured Black Tea