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Euro Asia’s purpose is to discover and share the hidden mysteries of this magical beverage; the Pure Ceylon Tea through our exports. Our diverse portfolio of different products are well known and loved by many crème de la crème of tea connoisseurs around the world.

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Favor Tea Collection

Favor revives the magic in Pure Ceylon Tea. It takes one through a ride to the fantastic, once savoured by the fortunate few. One drop of this magic brew will take one back in time to an age when the good life was the highest of pursuits.

The pure infinite potential of Pure Ceylon Teas can be found under the range we call Favor. Tea is indeed nature’s favour to her other bounty as we have shown how through our Favor collection of flavoured Teas. Pure Ceylon Tea partners very well with tropical fruits, spices, herbs or flowers or even a combination of all these, to carry you on a gastronomical trip of sheer magic. Each of our products in this wide range of flavoured Teas is designed to tease and thrill the senses of sight, smell and taste uniquely. As a result, each sip of this beverage you savour will certainly be an experience to treasure and behold.

Our range of Teas under the Favor array has expertly curated tea boxes make it easy to explore and enjoy our top picks for every season.

English Breakfast - Ceylon Black Leaf Tea
English breakfast
Ceylon Elegant Green - Favor
ceylon elegant green
ceylon elite tea